The Joys of Almost-Two

Eleanor will be celebrating her second birthday in one month! Hard to believe my sweet “little” bun (who weighed 9 pounds 15 ounces at birth) is going to be two.


Hours old

When I think about the spring of 2012, it seems like a different lifetime, and it was, in a way: we still lived in North Buffalo, I was still teaching at Sacred Heart Academy, we “only” had two kids and two cats ruling the roost, and I was deep in the throes of preparing for, then waiting for the results from my Eastman audition. Oh, and I was pregnant. Immensely, hugely, vastly pregnant.

Thirty-seven weeks. Eleanor was technically born at forty-one weeks, so I still had four weeks of lugging my poor self around after this picture was taken.

Thirty-seven weeks. Eleanor was officially born at forty-one weeks, so I still had four weeks of lugging my poor self around after this picture was taken.

None of that has anything to do with how awesome two-year-olds are, and the fact that Eleanor is still technically only ONE makes me eagerly anticipate the next year even more. Yes, she has a few annoying habits (pooping right at bedtime, refusing to eat anything when sitting down unless it requires a spoon, letting out a raspy, not-quite-but-getting-there bloodcurdling scream when she’s frustrated, not letting you set her down for over an hour after waking up from her nap, etc…), but for the most part, she is unashamedly adorable.

Here are some of Eleanor’s gems:

  • The way that she soothes herself hasn’t changed since she was a few months old: left thumb in mouth, right hand twisting around my hair.  Lately I have found her lying on our bed next to Nadja (our grumpy old lady kitty), thumb in mouth, hand petting kitty. “Dih-dee!”
  • Mimics how her sister Adrienne brushes her teeth, complete with “spitting” out toothpaste as loudly as possible.
  • “Sings” the theme from Jeopardy (“Da da da da da da da…”), hollers for the Suzuki violin CD in the car, dances with the older two kids when playing “Just Dance” on Wii, grabs Adrienne’s box violin to play “Tinkle Tinkle,” clambers up onto the piano bench and plays any combination of short-long, short-long keys, hollers for us to sing “Row Your Boat.”


    “Tinkle tinkle!”
    Age five months.

  • Favorite foods: “Cake? Cake? Eye-neem? (ice cream) EYE-NEEEEEM!” Waffles, bananas, yogurt, raisins, apples, pretty much any fruit, and hummus seem to be on her list of acceptable things. Oh, and stealing Daddy’s oatmeal every morning.
  • She will bring you book after book after book, climb up (“UP UP UP”) onto the couch and snuggle next you, under a blanket, while you read to her, for a really long time, thumb and hair.  Favorite books include Charlie and Lola, Dear Zoo, It’s Pajama Time!, Doggies, The Runaway Bunny.
  • It has been so wonderful to watch her physical coordination improve and grow over the past several months–I take her to a preschool drop-in gym program at the Perinton Recreation Center, and she has gone from being afraid of everything to barreling across the room, not even checking to see if I’m following her, and climbing all over the equipment, throwing balls, riding the scooters, and helping Miss Debbie clean up, which leads to the next item on the list:
  • Eleanor is really concerned when things are out of place, messy, or broken (“Oh no” is a favorite phrase). Spends lots of time wiping up spills (read: smearing stuff around), picking up something which has fallen over, pointing out specks of dirt, leaves, or dust on the floor (“Buggy”), and telling us when our hair is “Ew, yucky” after we’ve gone for a run and we’re still sweaty. Thanks, kiddo.
  • Huge plus to being almost-two: I can leave the house without a diaper bag and not panic.
  • Nothing to do? “Want to go outside?” “Yah! Yah! Ah-WEEEEE!”
Almost a big kid.

Almost a big kid.


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