Green Thumbs

QFQA Garden, June 8th, 2010

I fully acknowledge a sense of pride here and a somewhat inflated ego.  I am really proud of my vegetable garden.  It started out as a series of sketches and continued with multiple trips to garden supply stores.  It is amazing how many times I walked into a store, picked up a few things, paid and walked out, only to arrive home and realize I had forgotten the very item for which I specifically went out.  Potting soil is necessary for potting plants, you would think.

Last year’s garden was somewhat of an overgrown failure–I had good intentions, but nothing was really planned, and once the weeds took over, I lost the will to fight them amidst the drooping tomato plants.  So this year I was determined to do it right.

Witness, if you will, the beauty of the cucumber plants (bottom left), the sprightliness of the red Swiss chard and collards (center), the down-to-earthiness of the parsley and carrots (bottom right), and the regality of the tomato plants proudly supported by their cages (somewhat obvious).  With the exception of the tomatoes, everything else was sprouted from seed in the ground.

And to hold myself accountable, I will continue to post the progress of QFQA’s bountiful blooms.  Maybe the carrots will look beautiful, but they’ll taste awful.  Maybe the lettuce will be eaten by invisible neighborhood rabbits (I have never seen a rabbit since I moved here).

The early stages (May 2010)

My sketch

Connor's sketch


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