Happy. Mother’s. Day.

I truly believe that my kids are the only ones on the planet who act the way that they do.

I read books, I read blogs, I read magazine articles and talk to other parents. My kids are the only ones who act like they do.

It’s a good thing. They will always be unique. They are charming. Usually the first comment I hear out of someone’s mouth is “oh, s/he is so cute!!!” And then they move their bodies, and it’s all downhill from there.

It’s a curse. My daughter performs many of the same antics that her brother did only a few years ago. She has golden ringlets and a flirtatious smile, and blue eyes that urge you to give in. Her older brother, who once had those same addictive attributes, sees the attention flowing and tries to behave likewise. It breaks my heart. What is cute for two is not cute for six, and especially not for six-looking-like-nine (which is so not his fault).

How can I help these beautiful creatures achieve their full potential without either a) squashing them or b) squashing myself? I hear all the time “Oh, don’t worry about it, you’re a great mom, you’re doing all you can, they’ll be fine, blah blah blah.” I do worry about it; I doubt I am a great mom, I don’t think I always do all that I can, and even if I did, they might not be fine, so how does that make their chances better?!

I think I’ll paint my toenails now and try not to think about any of it, since it will all be here tomorrow.


One thought on “Happy. Mother’s. Day.

  1. Beth Jarvis says:

    I have the same fears, Beth. I fail daily, as a mom and wife. We all will and do. If there’s anything I try to do right, it’s just to always keep the lines of communication open. My kids come to me to discuss just about anything, which is light years beyond what I could do with my parents. My kids are almost 13 and 11 and they’ve already visited two psycho-therapists, because I value therapy and want them to learn healthier habits in processing thoughts and emotions, than what I was allowed to do at their age.

    We all stumble forward somehow. God fills in the cracks where we screw up.

    And you ARE a great mom, by the way. 🙂

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