Success! (sort of)

Thanks to sabrenaut, I managed to successfully change the errant name of my blog from QFHA to QFQA.  I’m not sure which word–“humble” or “quaint”–better describes us, but it works for now.

Today is the annual Chamber Singers retreat, and I look forward to meeting my new group of twenty-three girls in a couple of hours.  I had a schedule for the day which is somewhere on my desk at school, but the format runs the same from year to year.  Introductions, welcome, sing, pretend to know something about Dalcroze and movement, eat pizza, share choral CD critiques, sing, talk about the year, sing some more, say “farewell” until next week.  At the forefront of my mind is remembering to call Bruno’s Pizzeria during the morning break so that we actually have lunch.  Important stuff, you know.


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